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Hiro, Hiro's and omg, totally my hero

I did finally get to watch this weeks episode of Heroes.

My reaction: !!!!!!!!!

This show is my new crack.

Just was reading this Wired article about Masi Oka (the actor who plays Hiro). Evidently, he’s been a programmer for ILM – you know, that little company founded by George Lucas.

…they’ve seen his programming magic on the big screen in films like The Perfect Storm, Star Wars: Episode II, Terminator 3 and the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Be still my heart. First I find out that David Hewlett codes, now this.

Geeks so rule!

ETA: Oh, and those of you that thought my staying home to watch Torchwood wasn’t a bad idea…I *did* go to work, but devoured TW as soon as I got home.

All I can say is: CAPTAIN JACK!!!!!
Love the way they’ve started off.

Weekend? There was a weekend?

Wow and by that I mean: Damn, how could it be Monday?

I was so looking forward to this weekend, since the last one was spent working. In Boston, but working.

“What happened?” you ask.

Seems the doses of EmergenC and daily vitamins didn’t do their thing and I’ve come down with what started as the cold from hell and has morphed into a viral throat infection. Yippee kay ay wtf?

In any case, spent the weekend in bed, with little to no energy. Spent today at work, trying to catch up on the gazilliontyone things that were waiting for me, since I was out of town last week.

Still WAY behind on LJ, trying madly to catch up.

Went to the doc at 4:00 p.m. to be given some nice cough syrup and told to take Vitamin C megadoses and garlic. Hee!

Of the good:
The building management finally sent the plasterers and painters, so my leprous walls are no longer leprous.

My cleaners are coming tomorrow, so yay for clean apartment and clean clothes.

I remembered to pick up the dry cleaning. More yay for more clean clothes.

On the TV front:
Finally watched last week’s TV – Heroes, Veronica Mars, Lost, SV, Supernatural and BSG.

Still loving BSG, Heroes and Supernatural. Enjoying VM, but not so fond of SV anymore. I’m watching because I wanted to see the Green Arrow arc. Lost was pretty decent, but I’m really getting tired of the show. Although, did you catch the Buffy reference in the dialogue? (Sawyer to Kate at the very end – Drew Goddard was co-producer. I’m sure he had something to do with the line.)

I’m hoping this week will go well, on all fronts and that I’ll have time this weekend to rest. Next weekend, I’ll be in DC on Saturday, at the Dying to Write workshop. Working the entire day, but it should be a blast.

So the question is….

I’m buying a new IMac for myself as a birthday pressie to me.

Thing is, that until yesterday, I knew what I wanted – 20″ iMac with max RAM. But yesterday, Steve Jobs pulled a fast one and released the *new* iMacs, with Core 2 duo processors and wait, there’s more, a 24″ screen. Yipes!

Honestly, I did try to order one yesterday, but the online store was giving me grief – some sort of bizarre checkout loop. After I got home, I measured my desk (beledibabe, you remember the desk you helped me put together?) – it’s got a nice little shelf across the top, which means the 24″ iMac would be too large for the desk.

That said, my enabler at work, J, reminded me that I could always figure out a way to use the 24″ – plus, if I get this piece of hardware, it negates the need for a TV entirely. And considering that Comcast has neglected to turn off cable access, even though I returned the digital box to them and canceled my account, I’m figuring it’s fair game.

In any case, it’s a thought – so I ran over to the Pentagon City store at lunch to look at the machine in person and buy one. The answer: “They’re in the back but haven’t been unpacked.” No matter how I tried, salesguy was totally not interested in going back to get me one, not even if I was to pay Right Then. I called the Clarendon store once I got back to the office – they have the 17s and 20s in, but no 24s yet, and the others won’t be out on the shelves until morning.

In other news, my birthday weekend was fab! Started off Saturday with a gathering at beledibabe‘s – there was yummy food and brilliant company, including bheerfan and several non-LJ folks. Pressies ranged from the sublime (Anne Taintor calendar for ’07; 2 bottles of Chimay), to the ridiculous and so appropriate – PotC action figures with sword slashing action(tm)!…and the requisite bottle of stage blood, black roses and teeny prop coffins. ::g:: There was a lot more loot, but it’s at home and I’m not.

Sunday was quiet – spent the day resting…and by that I mean sleeping.

Monday, the day of the natal anniversary was quiet. Phone calls from mom and sister, relaxing with books and just being alone and quite happy about it.

Speaking of natal days, today marks the birthday of dear cousin Jeffy, best know the world as Jeff Mariotte – author of a zillion tie-in novels and some really excellent fiction! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUZ!

The work week has been insane and the month may be more of the same. I’m trying to not freak out about it.

Today I got the Best Buy Supernatural DVDs, because thanks to my f’list, I learned that there was a bonus disk, which yay! Also, my Oz Season 6 set arrived, again with the yay!

Segueing back to the original thought – should I splurge and get the 24″ iMac and figure out where to put it later? Or get the 20″ machine, which will fit – sort of. (In actuality, the 17″ fits perfectly on the desk, the 20 will be a close fit, too.)

I wait with bated breath for your thoughts (since obviously, my purchase is going to have to wait). ::g::

Matt Roush, how are you so awesome?

(subject line stolen without shame from bheerfan in a YIM convo)

In the “OMGWTF” of the SG1 cancellation, saner heads in the TV industry have posted lovely articles, such as this one by Matt Roush, TV Guide’s champion of the SF/F programming. I don’t know Matt, but he & I often agree about programming, shows and the overall industry.

I like his take on the whole show cancellation – he’s right. As unfortunate as this is, it’s had a good long run. Let’s help them go out in style by watching the rest of the season and support good SF/F programming on TV.

Don’t forget, SciFi will be airing The Dresden Files starting in January!

Work is…well, work. Busy as usual, a bit stressful. ‘Nuff said there.

I just discovered a tasty and healthful treat – no, really, I did. Kashi Granola bars, pumpkin spice flavor. Picked up a box at Target yesterday and they are tasty! Just had one as a snack. Normally, I only eat things like this out of guilt or a need to feel that I’m not ignoring healthy foods. But this, I like in spite of the healthy. 🙂

and OMG, OZ!! Season 6 is finally being released on DVD. Release date, 9/5 – the day AFTER my birthday. In any case, I will be ordering.

ETA: oh yeah, for you Prison Break watchers, here’s a great photo. (Not that I *wouldn’t* watch the show, it’s that I haven’t, yet. So I don’t want to start on S2…yes, and I was late to Oz, too, so there, viggofest.

Prison Break ads on street

On Celebrity Heroes and Great Rejections

Even when I was a kid and young teen, when all the girls were swooning over David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman, I was a bit different. MY version of the cool guys weren’t necessarily the recognized celebrities (e.g., movie stars, TV stars, Famous People(tm), rock stars.). To me, the really cool ones were the ones that made things work – you know the techies, the roadies, the ones that swarmed behind the scenes, makiing the magic happen. Okay, I get this, I’m a geek fan. Even though I can fangrrl Callum, Viggo, Joe Flanigan and the rest of them, I have a soft spot in my heart for the unseen heroes.

Why am I going here? Because last night, bheerfan and I went to see the best combo in the world – a geekish celebrity; a guy that encompasses all that is cool to me: Alton Brown. Even though I’m not much of a cook, (and by that I mean, at all), Alton Brown and Good Eats has been a favorite of mine since day one. It wasn’t just a recipe show. Not just a chef parading around a kitchen that no sane person owns, showing off things that most people won’t ever cook. This was about Food and the Science of Food and How Things Work. ZOMG, a total geek love affair was born.

So when I found out that Alton Brown was coming to the Smithsonian as part of the Resident Associates programming, I was nearly first in line to buy tickets. We had a blast. Alton B is brilliantly funny, entertaining and a total hoot. We also got to preview video from his upcoming special show: Feasting on Asphalt. If he weren’t already married with kids, and if I weren’t totally waaaay too old for such, I’d want to marry him and have his little foodie babies. The new show starts on Saturday, July 29th on the Food Network.

Getting Rejected…in a literary way.
I’ve been corresponding with a New York Agent, to be known as NYA, in the hopes she’d rep my contract for the Matters reprint. I’d e-queried via their agency site, and dropped some names (with permission). (One of the agencies senior agents reps a couple of friends of mine.) NYA senior passed this along to NYA junior, a relative new agent to their firm, but with some years experience at another firm. NYA junior declined to rep this after reading MoB, but I got the BEST REJECTION EVER.

I’ve graduated to a really really good place as a writer.

No form letter, no “not for us”, but instead, first a lovely email with feedback and the decision to decline. Then, after I responded, thanking her for her time, I got this (slightly edited for irrelevant info):

From [NYA]
To: [me]

Thank you…,

I think you have a very bright writing future ahead of you.
…. You have inventive characters and a great writing voice though, so I do hope very much you’ll keep writing. (And I’d LOVE to see your next one.)

[end email]

Seriously folks, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to rejections. Needless to say, she’s the first on my list when the next project is finished.

It’s not a yes, but it’s the next best thing.

The dog days

You know it’s hot when the a/c kicks on in the wee hours of the a.m.

I’m a total heat wimp and have NO freakin’ clue how I survived nearly 25 years+ in Texas. Not that DC in July is so much different, except for the fact that I expect our heat wave to go away much sooner. ::g::

In any case, it’s a hell of a good reason to stay indoors!

For those of you who appreciate John Glover, here’s a neat article from AfterElton.com. Evidently, Wolfe Video is releasing An Early Frost, a groundbreaking 1985 AIDS movie that includes John G, Aidan Quinn and others.

Watched the rest of the Entourage eps last night (yay, cable On Demand!) and am now caught up.

I’m off to work and hopefully the day will be quick and painless. I had a crap Monday and really would rather the rest of the week go well.

Sweet TV show news!

Just heard today that HBO has greenlighted (greenlit?) True Blood, the new series based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series. The show is slated for late 2007.

Also, SciFi has picked up The Dresden Files, based on Jim Butcher’s books. This series will premiere in January ’07.

This is FABULOUS news!

As for me, I owe comments galore and probably missed some birthday greetings. RL has been a bit wonky, but hope to be back on track soonish.

Spent the weekend either napping or mainlining Season 1 of Footballer’s Wives. What a hoot!

Another Saturday morning

I really really really could still be sleeping now.

Thing is, the grocery order will be arriving sometime between now and 11:00 a.m., so I need to at least pretend to be awake.

OMG, okay, weird serendipity here – as I’m typing the above, the grocery guy gets here. Wonder if that’s how my day will go?

…So I’m up waiting for Callum Keith Rennie to arrive…

::looks around, pretends to not listen for a knock on the door::


::la la la, just sitting here reading email::



Damn. Don’t guess that worked. ::g::

David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?

I am loving the SGA Season 2 DVDs (Region 2) – there is commentary so far on ALL the episodes! Although, Peter Deluise and Gary Jones commentary – uhm, dudes, enough with the potty jokes, because what are you, 12? And why Gary Jones, I have no idea, b/c Walter, the gate tech from SG1 has nothing to do with SGA.

I’ve only listened to one of their commentaries all the way through. They don’t talk about the episode, just make really dumb jokes. I totally prefer when either of the Martins team up with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett – the commentary is fantastic. I’ve gotten through the first 2 DVDs so far – just watching the commentaries and the extras. I think the next disk is on the menu for today.

SGA Premier

Oops, there be spoilers here

Missing a Zebra

Feel free to totally skip the whingeing. Really.

The power went out about 10:00 p.m. last night. No worries, I have a flashlight. I can handle a wee power outage…except, not so much with the wee and more of the OMG, it’s still fucking out.

I Slept horribly as it got extremely warm and humid inside b/c no power = no a/c.

This morning, I wake up to, you guessed it, no power still.

Freezing cold shower, then a 10-story walk down to the ground level…in the DARK with my flashlight because the emergency lighting doesn’t last past a couple of hours.

Many storms wreaking havoc all over the place, but hey, I got to work. Work, which is on an “iffy” grid, is actually fine – no power outages. Go figure.

Once at work, though I find that I have no team today. One guy is on vacation. (this I knew). The other guy called in. Arrgh. And this is the last week of the month, and the last week of our fiscal year. 🙁

The weather is still sucky – thunderstorms predicted all week – just started to rain again.

Tried calling my apartment building – only got the weird busy signal, which usually means no service. This does not bode well.

Good thing is, I followed the 5 Ps – I packed an overnight bag, with changes of clothing and toiletries and put Blanche in the backpack along with my PDA and assorted power cords. So, if I have to camp out at a coworkers, at least I have clean clothes, a computer and stuff to read.

Of the good:
Over the weekend, I watched Entourage, season 1 (thank you, Netflix); Kinky Boots (really cute) and caught up on The Closer and Saved. I did not, however, get any writing done.

I still want a do-over, though. ::points to new icon:: Tardis, please take me away!!