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Heads Up, Dresden Files Fen

According to People That Know, a.k.a., via the Jim Butcher Announce list, Sci-Fic is airing the FULL 2-hour Storm Front pilot tonight.

Well, not exactly tonight, but more like the WEE HOURS of the a.m.

Here’s the info straight from the list:

Tonight, the Sci-Fi Channel is finally broadcasting the unaired Dresden Files TV pilot in the US! This two-hour cut of “Storm Front” features exciting new scenes that were cut from the one-hour version that aired last year. Unfortunately, it’s slated for 3AM EST. I think
this is why they invented TiVo.

Find out what time the episode airs in your time zone:

Set those DVRs!


In the dark

Well, that was loads of fun…not.

Been spending a quiet weekend writing, thinking, watching episodes of Burn Notice. About a third of the way through the final 2 parter, poof – no electricity. I peeked outside – seemed the entire complex was dark.

Thank goodness my laptop had enough ambient light to let me find my lantern flashlight thingie. Spent about a half hour in the dark, still watching episodes (yay for long battery life on Nameless!).

Got the lights back briefly, and then once again, nothing for another half hour, 45 minutes. One thing I do know–my mini book light I just bought is awesome. Lets me read my Sony reader without any other light around. 🙂

Electricity seems to be back now and I’m crossing my fingers.

BTW, Burn Notice rocks!

Sadly, only one more day of holiday weekend left.

ETA: Oh yeah, about holiday gifting – I’m all about what John Scalzi said earlier today. Really. (including the bit about the car ::g::)

Moonlight, for the…yawn (no spoilers)

As much as I adored Sophia Myles in Doctor Who and Jason Dohring in Veronica Mars, I truly cannot abide Moonlight.

In the immortal words of Vampire Willow: Bored now.

Of the very amusing, the actor playing the college professor who is obsessed with vampires is Rudolf Martin – the same guy that played Dracula in the Buffy Season 5 opener.

23 minutes to SGA!

And then there was pie

Spent a lovely Saturday evening at aerye‘s House of Recluses and got to see my darling qe2 plus got to hang out with other fangrrrls. And there was PIE! (not to mention loads of other great munchables)

Spent the night at beledibabe‘s and got to see the fabulous Inside the Actors Studio with Elton John (which she had on her TiVo). That man is brilliant.

Sunday was quiet time, which yay, and too soon, it became Monday. None of my usual lunch buddies are at work today (either on vacation or out of town for other reasons), so I angsted about what to do. Settled on a six-cheese pizza from Papajohns and now have enough food for at least 3 or 4 meals. One thing I don’t remember hearing about menopause is the wonky appetite. One day, I’m starving, most days, I just don’t have an appetite for *anything*. Oh well. I will keep myself fueled appropriately.

In 2 weeks, I’ll be San Francisco bound for a few days (work related). Sadly, there will be very little time to myself as this is the annual client-paid-for trip wherein me and my boss get to hang out at their trade show and do mini-help seminars for their association members. I fly in Friday, 10/5 and out again on Tuesday. The trade show begins Saturday a.m. and I’ll be working all weekend. I hope to be able to get out to at least see a bit of the city.

Heroes starts tonight (a HUGE YAY!) as does Pushing Daisies (which looks interesting). Not sure if I’ll watch live but I’ve got the DVR set to record. I wish I knew a Nielsen family or two so I could (ahem) help (ahem) them decide what to watch this week.

C'est random

Thing one:
I’ve survived the first part of this week, which was no mean feat. Hormone hell plus work overtaxed stress =/= happy chickwriter. Today wrapped up with a delayed staff meeting, but hey, there was beer. I had a Yeungling lager, because I could. (Was at work at 7:15…srsly not my fun hour.) ETA: 7:15 *a.m.*

Thing two:
Wil Wheaton, how are you so awesome? This should be required reading for ALL con attendees, including guests.

Thing three:
Home is a VERY good place.

Thing four:
I <3 LUCK IN THE SHADOWS. Got an urge to re-read and am back immersed in one of my favorite places.

Thing five:
OMFG, summer + hot flashes = lots of sweaty clothes.

Thing six:
There is no thing six.

Thing seven:
Neat article about new vampire detective show. Too bad Dresden Files didn’t make it. 🙁

Thing the last:
I’m going to be at World Fantasy in November. Anyone else? Want to meet up?

The squee cannot be textually rendered

HBO Sucks Up True Blood (that’s *their* headline)

I heard this from one of the horses’ mouths this a.m. (Charlaine), then saw this in my SciFi Wire RSS feed.


Also heard that Blood Ties will be back in the fall (yay!)

In other news…

I had an epiphany the other night, one that helps explain why I’ve been feeling so, well, off for such a long time. Can you say…this is the pause that doesn’t refresh? Yep…menopause. Out of the listed 35 symptoms, I have about 27 of them. I finally clued in after waking up one night this week, drenched in sweat.


My gyn appointment is at the end of the month, but at least now I have some focus. I’d been feeling so out of sorts, exhausted with no reason, cranky, bitchy, etc, plus hey, high blood pressure. I was sure something horrible was wrong with me (which didn’t help my emotional state). Although I’m still dealing with the symptoms and am so freaking exhausted I can barely make it through a work day, I know it’s finite and I know that it’s not illness. Whew.

I’m considering it a bit of an early birthday pressie – a little peace of mind. ::g::

Happy Friday!!