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Happy Holidays and cleaning up the list

Hola, LJ and a very happy Hanukkah/Christmas to all who celebrate!!

In the spirit of year-end clean up, I’ve been going thorugh my extremely too-long f’list and doing some trimming. It’s totally nothing personal, just got a whole lot out of control.

My friending policy is easy: if you want to read my blog, feel free to friend me. Nearly all my posts are public, since this is a public blog.

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday.

Thanks for all the fish…eh, book purchases

Thanks to everyone who came to my book launch party on Tuesday night. It was a great success and I enjoyed meeting you new folks and getting to chat with old friends and fans. I should have some photos to post soon.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week with projects due at work and holiday stuff, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the great cards I’ve received from beledibabe, brooklinegirl, mrsronweasly, doll_revolution, aerye, tex, starrcat and birkilib. If I missed listing you: I suck at lists. Please forgive. I LOVE getting cards. All the ones listed above are displayed in my office, on my shelf or on the walls. I love to share my dorkiness with my staff. 🙂

I sent all my cards out – the last batch went out in today’s mail. w00t!! If you signed up to get one via my LJ post, those went out last week, so you should have them by now. If you *didn’t* get one and were expecting one, please shoot me an email and I’ll apologize profusely, blame my muddled brain and send one out immediately. ::g::

FYI – if you are on Facebook, I’ve created an author profile page, separate from my regular Facebook profile. My buddy J wanted to become my fan, and to do that, I needed to set up that page. So, I maneuvered the not-so-great UI and managed to figure it out. Go, me.

Been working on Blood Kin, the work in progress formerly known as Book 3. Loads of intrigue, plots and all sorts of fun going on. Whee!! It’s eating my brain, so anytime said grey matter isn’t occupied with work stuff, it’s off in Keira’s world, making things up and doing awful things to characters. I love it!

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!!


Today, I decided to indulge myself.

Woke up earlyish, got some writing done on book 2 (tentatively titled: A Necessary Evil).

Talked to my mom for a while, then played around with iTunes and downloaded a bunch of new songs from emusic.com – I think Dana must have taken my invite, because all of a sudden, I had 50 more titles to download. Whee!!

I picked up all sorts of things – some Fairport Convention, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, John Hiatt, Roy Orbison, It’s a Beautiful Day…just browsed around an grabbed things that took my fancy.

I cooked myself a lovely burger for dinner (courtesy Trader Joe’s), accompanied by some roasted garlic & three cheese potato chips (also TJs) and a glass of Vampire Wine (the Cabernet).

Before dinner, I watched Where the Heart Is (and yes, David Hewlett looks adorable!); then Sense and Sensibility, followed by The Full Monty. Now, I’m going to relax with more wine and Priest (and possibly A Knight’s Tale) – eclectic, to be sure, but hey, I never said I was normal. ::g::

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend.

Merry HanuKwanzamasolstice to all!!

Snow…what snow?

Okay – so last night’s snow, she is all gone.

viggofest – erhm – no vampires, no young blonde girls, so, whew! Safe, now. ::g::

I’ve spent the morning playing with PSE, because, well, I can.

Today’s icon ::points up:: I wanted to make this one after reading rustler‘s Oz story, The Company You Keep. I’m all over the Oz love yet again.

The other ones I made today are here – just scroll down to the bottom. Everything after the Weasleys is new, except for the Got Lex?, which I updated.

I’m off to worship Dead Turkey Day in a bit with darthrami and her lovely wife, plus extra folks that I haven’t met yet. MMM, turkey.

OOH – shopping alert! Buy.com has a TON of DVDs on sale – including first 2 seasons of Arrested Development for a seriously low price. Avoid the stores, buy online. ::g::

Happy Dead Turkey Day to those that are celebrating!!