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Fandom: a slippery slope…or…how I became a writer

My friend, fellow author, and fellow Buffy fanย Dan Hale posted a picture today on Facebook of the show Jonny Quest. I remarked in a comment that it was my first fandom. ย Jonny Quest

When I was a young kid (8 or 9?), the only cartoon I *had* to watch on Saturday mornings was Jonny Quest. To this day, I can still hum the theme & remember the opening title sequence. Little did I know then that Jonny, Hadji and Bandit would be my gateway drug to writing fiction, as frankly, most fandom would be.

Later on down the line, I graduated from Jonny and moved on to Star Trek: The Original Series and the fandom bug that had bit me as a child just kept biting. I created stories in my head about the characters; further adventures that were never to see the light of day. ST:ToS was the catalyst for my interest in how television shows were made and led to my getting a degree in Journalism, TV & Film.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was writing, writing, writing – mostly for myself. Fan fiction (fanfic) stories set in established universes bled into my own attempts at original work. Jonny had sparked a fire that would (and will) never die.

Fandom, reading and writing fanfic and now years later, I’m a published writer. Who’d’a’thunk?


A day of birthdays and things given

A very happy birthday to

and in celebration of the other person who shares the day, I’m debuting my newest icon (courtesy of

, original photo by

). Hope Mr. Flanigan has a great day, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t yet watched BAMSR, so avoiding the spoilery squee that I’m sure to find on LJ. I’ve spent the morning writing, rewriting and playing loading dock as both Js came by to pick up stuff – the books; the chair. More stuff GONE!

I’m taking some books over to

‘s later today, some for her, some for S, and this will mark the end of the winter decluttering spell…at least for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I think it’s time for a quick lunch, some minor revising, then off to C’s for fannish squee.

Tuesday: a cornucopia of goodness

There are many wonderful things in the world.

  • NaomiNovik‘s books were optioned by Peter Jackson (read Naomi’s post) There is not enough squee in the world to describe how happy I am about this. Yes, I know that “option” does not equal “movie”, however, if anyone has the desire, the tech, the cred to get this done, it’s Peter Jackson.
  • David Hewlett is incredibly awesome – as a person, as a forum mod, and as a fellow geek. Thanks, David, for being so freaking cool.
  • I’m moderating a panel, entitled “We Write Dead People” at first ever MWA Mid-Atlantic writing workshop. (scroll down on the page – it’s the 2nd event listed). I’m debating how to approach the topic – my copanelists are: another writer, a forensic taphonomist, and the funeral home director. I’m really psyched, though – I’m begining to re-discover the joy of being a writer. Maybe even getting back the mojo.
  • Fandom really is a cool place, because: Ponies!
  • SihayaB and I got some lovely feedback on a story we wrote together (and by that I mean SB did most of the writing part. It’s a couple of years old, so fun to get f/b.
  • I just ordered the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid – so I will be able to hook up my region-free DVD player to Priscilla and get TV signals via the device, too. Since I no longer have cable and they finally turned off the cable signal. Basically, this means that my TV will be obsolete.
  • I’ll be in Boston in October for a work thing. I’ve got possibly one night free. So, Boston area peeps? You game for dinner somewhere? (I’m not sure which night yet, either Sunday, October 8 or Monday, October 9)


In conclusion…my new cover art for the re-issue of Matters of the Blood (incomplete – just the art part without the text) The book is still scheduled for March 2007 release.

Behind the cut


This duck is now dead…it is an ex-duck.

Viva Con-Txt and may there be many more.

Highlights but no photos as I suck at pictures. I hate carrying around a camera, and even if I’d wanted to, I can’t find the bloody thing.

The list: (by no means complete)

  • Getting up for estrella30‘s SPN panel and realizing that I can think before breakfast (at least, I don’t believe I was incoherent, was I?)
  • Getting to meet lalejandra, Cassandra, serialkarma in person and participate in their writing panel
  • Hard Core Logo discussion, led by isiscolo
  • bethbethbeth‘s panels on the allure of the “other” and beta reading
  • Misspamela‘s Doctor Who
  • Life On Mars!!! by lynnmonster and dsudis, accompanied by the LoM music companion – Thanks, Lynn!
  • Disco Duck and the fabulous slide show
  • due South dinner at Vicini’s
  • Driving back from the DS dinner with way too many of us in aerye‘s car
  • Multi-fannish party in 1506
  • The “loud” room for the vid show
  • Brekkie with shayheyred and reginagiraffe
  • Hanging out with raveninthewind
  • Spending the weekend with the best people ever – talking fandoms, writing, and life in general

I KNOW I’m leaving someone, some event out. I blame the tired brain.

The con was fabulous and I’ve already registered for 2008. Alas, there won’t be a Con-Txt in ’07.
Kudos to the con comm for the great location, the excellent hotel and the overall schedule, panels, etc. You all did a most excellent job.

BTW – I may be friending a bunch of you folks. No reciprocal action needed. Really. I promise I’m not a stalker and I won’t get freaked out if you don’t friend me in return. ::g::

Off to nap or something.