Losing time or gaining it?

I’ve often heard it said that as you get older, you begin to lost time, or at least, the perception of it. Three hours may seem like only one, days fly by and suddenly, it’s February when only last week, you were celebrating New Year’s. Clock

That does happen to me a lot, but I also get this weird opposite effect, where I think it’s later than it is…mostly on days.

For example, because of the weather last week, I had to reschedule an eye doc appointment. I had it on the calendar for today, but thought I remembered them saying the 28th. Today is only the 27th. So, I call them. Turns out, the appointment is actually for NEXT week, February 4.

In the same vein, I sent out an email to my cleaners yesterday, as my apartment building is conducting fire alarm testing during the mornings of Monday and Tuesday. Cleaners are scheduled for Tuesday, so I wanted to be sure this was okay with them (mostly because the alarms are really annoying, as they should be).

Well, I did it again. I looked up the email from the building and the tests are next week.

I can’t even.

Thank goodness I thought to check these things.