Help! I’m running out of ideas…

Only, no, I’m really, really not.

Because ideas are cheap, easy and beyond plentiful. I get ideas every single day – all day long. Some are interesting enough to jot down, others, just fleeting thoughts that may or may not crop up again.

For many writers, it’s the lack of time that bogs them down. They either work fulltime jobs, have families, are under contract or a mix of all three.

Me? I’ve got the time, the brainpower, the ganas*–but so very little actual physical ability/energy. Isn’t that irony?

I sit here pondering on topics to post for Patreon, on where to take my projects next (two of which I still consider active), and my body is “nope, nopety, nope. Can’t do.” Frankly, it sucks.

What I want most in the world right now is utterly impossible: to remove the physical constraints of my chronic illnesses and let me feel like I did when I was in my early 40s: full of life, full of energy and ability. Sadly, that’s just not going to happen.

What does this mean for you, my readers?

Well, everything’s just going to take a lot longer. I write when I have energy bursts, and rest when I can’t write. So, please be patient, and I hope you don’t lose interest. 🙂

I’ve attached a bit of something that may actually become a real project. It’s a character note sheet from Scrivener for a secondary character. This is an idea that I had after reading a Harry Potter fanfic, specifically regarding a tertiary character in that story and some interesting background the author built. It was an original character, but I was more interested in the ideology and the theme. I started wondering, “what if…” – which is pretty much how all stories come about.

At this point, this is only a character note sheet, but who knows…if I’m lucky, I might be able to develop this further.


*Ganas = desire


Necromancer PDF