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Back in the saddle…aka, it's been a long time since I posted

I have no excuses, just that my life is a series of busy-ness, dealing with health issues and all the usual stuff that makes up, well…life.


The great news, I finished recording Blood Bargain, and it’s now for sale as an audiobook via or iTunesBlood Bargain audio cover art


Soon, I’ll start recording Blood Kin, for your listening pleasure. ::g::


A lot of folks have been writing me, asking me about the fate of the Blood Lines series. I’m afraid that at this point there are no more books as Pocket isn’t continuing the series. I’m concentrating on the audiobooks right now and am contemplating various options after that. I’m actually not sure at this point. There is always the direct-to-ebook option and I have not discarded that idea at all. I just need to focus on the recordings first and then move forward.
I’m extremely heartened by these emails, though. It’s wonderful to hear from my fans and know that they love the books. So often, we writers send our work out into the aether and don’t get much feedback outside of our editors. It’s lovely to be able to correspond with our readers.


I hope you’ve all been having a great & safe summer!

True grit: My kind of reality television

HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET It began with Homicide: Life on the Street, with the murder po-lice, the Waterfront, the dark and twisty tales of life in a Baltimore cop shop. Who can forget following right along with newbie Tim Bayliss as he desperately sought Edina Watson’s killer in season one? How we agonized when the brilliant Frank Pembleton was brought down, not by bullets, but by a stroke? Seven seasons of awesome by Tom Fontana and based on David Simon‘s Homicide: Life on the Killing Streets.

After Homicide made its final bow, as desperate as Bayliss for equally brilliant entertainment, I uncovered Oz. I didn’t have HBO when Oz actually aired, but was lucky enough to score DVDs via Netflix. As with Homicide, I was instantly hooked and quickly mainlined the entire six season run in less than two months.

I even got to tell Tom Fontana how much the show meant to me in a brief encounter during MWA’s Edgar cocktail party one year. He probably thought I was insane.

After I finished this fix, I faced a whole lotta nothing. At this point, I still didn’t have premium cable and though there were a few shows I enjoyed, none had the hard-hitting edge I craved. I needed something other than bright shiny Hollywoodized characters with improbably pretty actors. I’m not against pretty. Pretty has its place, but having gotten a taste of something more visceral, more real, I wanted more. Fabulous writing merged with excellent casting/acting. It had to be there.

Then, there it was. From a familiar source: The Wire – a different view of Charm City and yet another show that I had to wait to see until it was done and available via iTunes/streaming. My inner addict breathed more easily. All too soon, however, I finished watching the five seasons.

I cast my wandering eye about, hoping for a new fix. A new show to fill that gap. Sure, I watched other dramas, but nothing that resonated with me as much. Some tried too hard. Some not at all. How could I settle for bland polished Hollywood pablum when I’d been exposed to the real thing?

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TV: Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey promo shot It’s BACK!!!

One of my favorite shows has returned. Downton Abbey, which garnered much critical and popular acclaim has returned to PBS.

Thanks to the kindness of the Intarwebz/friends, I was able to watch the entirety of series 2 over the weekend. (It aired in the UK already). Yes, I utterly mainlined this show like the absolute crack it is.

Series 2 is all about WWI and all the social/cultural changes it wreaks amongst our favorite characters.

Remember Torchwood‘s saying: Everything changes?

This is how it is for Downtown now. It’s all different and series 2 is all about how the various personalities handle the upheavals.

SUCH a great show.

Here’s a review on Jezebel (1st episode only).

Interesting article over at Slate.

Do you watch Downton Abbey? What do you like/dislike about the show?

Instabookrec: Screw Business As Usual

Screw Business As Usual coverToday, I am reading Sir Richard Branson‘s Screw Business As Usual.

I rarely read business type books, mostly because I get so tired of the peppy jargon and sometimes silly trends wrapped up in consultant-speak.

This book is different. It’s about how Branson (Chair of the Virgin Group) is and has been creating business as a force for good.

He says a lot of smart things about how business can help – not by doling out money to charities, but to help create sustainable solutions by education and inspiration.

I think most of us want to make a difference in the world. We’re not billionaires, not even millionaires – at least most of us aren’t and won’t ever be. How can we help? How can we contribute and give back, pay it forward.

I blogged a little about what I’ve done in a previous post. In reading Branson’s book, I can also see that buying/patronizing companies who also subscribe to his philosophies is important.

What companies/vendors/suppliers do you use and why?

Pimping Post: The Butler Didn't Do It

Butler coverGreat news!

My Agatha award nominated short story, The Butler Didn’t Do It, is now available for the Kindle & Kobo. It’s been out on B&N and iBookstore, but just got posted other places.

The story was my very first published work of fiction. It appeared in the original Chesapeake Crimes anthology and garnered an Agatha nomination for Best Short Story of 2004. In the foreword to the anthology, the most awesome Ms. Laura Lippman says: “…Maria Lima serves up ‘The Butler Didn’t Do It,’ injecting fresh blood into the oh-so-traditional English manor house mystery.”

What happens when your weird cousin sends you a telegram stating that your aunt’s dead and the butler did it? Lindsay Graham discovers that there’s more in store than a traditional English funeral and the requisite neighborhood gathering. Way more.

Here’s where to purchase:

If you do buy & read, I’d love it if you’d leave a review on one of the above sites!