A new beginning…or how I write

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Like moviemakers, I do my best work out of order. That means I don’t write chapter 1, followed by chapter 2, etc.I see scenes in my head, work out the dialogue and action and then go to my project and write it down…no matter where it fits in the overall story. I use Scrivener, a blessing of an app that was first launched in 2006. Scrivener works like I do. I can add, remove, move around scenes/chapters without having to scroll down an interminably long Word document. When I’m done, I can compile all the files into a finished product–whether a Word document to submit to publishers or a finished e-book or print manuscript.

Tools like this make it easy for me to think outside the box. I’m not fighting technology when trying to write, and it’s just easy.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Remember the first chapter of the new project I posted a while back? Yeah, well, it’s not the first chapter anymore.

This past Saturday night, going into the loss of DST (yay!), my body decided that 3:30 (now 2:30) was the best time to get up and be AWAKE. I fussed at myself, but then the brain started working on the the story and I couldn’t stop.

Knowing that I would be really angry at myself if I didn’t write this down, I got up and went to my computer. I never went back to bed. I spent the next many hours writing and typing up notes.

By the end of the day, I had slightly more than 5000 net new words, a bit of a new direction and a new first chapter.

Here it is, in all its first draft glory (and with a lot of placeholder text).